Workshop on Biodiversity and Resilience of Agroecosystems

A workshop organized by CIRAD and Bioversity International that will focus on the role of biodiversity in the management of multiple agroecosystem services in development contexts, and contribution to resilience.

Interview and Public Lecture with Roger Leakey

In Bonn at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) Professor Roger Leakey gives a lecture on the role of trees for poverty alleviation

First Global Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at IFAD

Two years after the Workshop for Establishing the Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD, partners and observers met for the First Global Indigenous Peoples’ Forum

Workshop on Custodian Farmers of Agricultural Biodiversity

A workshop on Custodian Farmers

Despite this shrinking agricultural biodiversity, there are still a few farmers who actively maintain, adapt and disseminate agricultural biodiversity, and who possess the knowledge needed for its use and cultivation. We recognize them as ‘custodian farmers’.

The workshop aims to share experiences by the custodian farmers, debate challenges faced by such farmers and discuss ways to strengthen and/or support them so that they continue to use, conserve and promote agricultural biodiversity.

The “Idle No More” movement going on in Canada

The was on Terra video

Video: First nations people are calling on the government to respect treaty rights with regards to environmental destruction for industrial development. And who is Indigenous?