An Heuristic Framework


Over the last two decades a substantial body of information has developed on the continuing maintenance and use of traditional crop varieties by small-scale farmers around the world. Farmers appear to find that crop biodiversity, in the form of traditional varieties of both major staples and minor crops, remains important to their livelihoods, despite earlier expectations that these varieties would rapidly disappear from production systems.

Agricultural Transition

The planet continues drifting on the waves of international meetings while powerful peasant movements are organising. The present levels of human and nature pollution brought about by an agro-industrial model are not sustainable on the long run. A transition is needed that takes into account what farming is and who the farmers are. New tools […]

Agrobiodiversity, Land and People – A New Initiative by PAR

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The ongoing debate over “land sparing” versus “land sharing” is of great importance for agrobiodiversity. Among the scientific community, the question is whether biodiversity can be conserved through agricultural intensification that increases the productivity of existing cropland (land sparing) or through alternative approaches (e.g. agroecology, wildlife-friendly farming) that enable the coexistence of biodiversity and agriculture […]

An indicator framework for assessing agro-ecosystem resilience

Taking departure in the theory of resilience in social-ecological systems, this publication presents an analysis and discussion of how resilience theory can be applied to agro-ecosystems. Building on the premise that agro-ecosystems are too complex for resilience to be measured in any precise manner, the authors delineate behavior-based indicators of resilience within agro-ecosystems.

IFS Individual Research Grants

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Deadline to aply 27 January 2013
The Research Areas for Individual Research Proposals are sought under one of three research areas:

Sustainable Natural Resources Management
Water and Aquatic Resources
Food Production, Food Security and Nutrition

Mei Ramew Food Festival (December 2012)

Mei Ramew Festival – A celebration of indigenous foodways Working closely with Slow Food International, the Indigenous Partnership has been joining hands with indigenous Slow Food communities all over the world at Terra Madre gatherings to collectively (re)discover a more sustainable approach to food for our future wellbeing. Terra Madre, locally named Mei Ram-ew Festival […]