More from COP 11 of the CBD

From the recently held meetings that took place in Hyderabad,

We have added a link to the presentations to a previous post on this session, and here the link to the posting: COP11 side event on the sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity

Bioversity has prepared a write up to be found here On-farm conservation and teamwork crucial for reaching global agricultural biodiversity targets and posted an interview with Toby Hodgkin on sustainable agriculture, the Aichi targets, agrobiodiversity and more carried out by Kara Brown and posted on Bioversity web site.

High time to stop deliberating and start implementing global conservation decisions

Other related news on Bioversity International web site is to be found here UN Meeting on Biodiversity: 8-19 October, Hyderabad, India

And last, but not least, a link to a Summary and Analysis made by ENB

Enjoy and let us know what you think about it!