Gathering on Farmers’ Ecological Knowledge in Spain

Écologie Paysanne, October 18th to 20th 2012

Worldwide, peasant societies have accumulated empirical knowledge in the territory they occupy, the results of centuries of observation and experimentation. Through the concept of “peasant ecological knowledge”, we mark our commitment to the complex relationship between a territory, its natural resources and the persons or communities who live there, and we focus on the potential of certain peasant societies to take account of specific local ecology, to manage complexity (e.g. agro-forestry, soils concentric) and to organize themselves (e.g. access to resources, conflict management).

This meeting has been prepared by three organizations, Cooperative Mas de Noguera (Spain), Civitas Foundation (Romania) and the association Geyser (France),  working for several years to promote the role of local knowledge in sustainable development. These organizations are supported by Fondation de France.

This gathering aims at sharing experiences, methods, and results obtained from projects in Europe, discussing proposals in order to strengthen exchanges between organizations, and elaborating on plans for better integration of local ecological knowledge into public policies.

The meeting will include visits, workshops, presentations and plenary discussions. Registration for the meeting is free. We welcome ideas and possible contributions, participation in the meeting, oral presentation about the gathering, and written presentation for publication and/or for Farmer Ecology website (

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