Agrobiodiversity workshop at RIO+20

16th of June 18.00-19.30

This session focuses on the importance of agricultural biodiversity in addressing the current economic, social and environmental challenges in the agricultural sector. Speakers from around the world will reveal the key factors in accelerating transformations to resilience.

  • Andrew Mushita, Zimbabwe (CTDT)
    Farmers increasing genetic diversity: Accelerating transformations towards an increase in genetic diversity at the local level. Collaborations with government and private sector
  • Sue Edwards, Ethiopia (Institute for Sustainable Development)
    Upscaling the positive experiences in increasing the diversity in the agricultural systems – the role of farmers, NGOs and the government
  • Tenaw Hailu, Ethiopia, Sustainable Land use Forum (tbc)
    Agriculture as part of the wider landscape – increasing diversity, increasing agricultural outputs. Experiences and challenges
  • Paulo Petersen, Brazil (ASPTA)
    Upscaling positive results with the use of agricultural biodiversity in Brazil – the dialogue between civil society and government to build the National Policy of Agroecology

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