Agroecology and transition in agriculture

Philippe Baret, Professor at the University of Louvain (Belgium), set up Philagri web site with a section dedicated to transition in agriculture  that brings together a number of interesting papers on agroecology and the importance of adopting more sustainable agricultural practices using agrobiodiversity.

These include papers that develop a diagnosis of the state of agriculture in the world and, in some cases discuss future trajectories or prospectives. They include exploration of paradigms that range from industrial agriculture to organic farming and discussion of the implementation of a new model(s) for agriculture which implies an understanding concepts of transition.

On this web site you will also find some resources presented or referred to during the recentley held SOLIBAM Congress “Shaping the future of agriculture: The role of diversity in low-input and organic cropping systems (SOLIBAM) | April 19, 2012