IAASTD findings available on a new website “globalagriculture.org”

The Foundation on Future Farming and Biovision have recently launched the new website www.globalagriculture.org. The site makes the findings of the International Assessment of Agriculture Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) available by topics and offers updated figures, background information, further reading and news and includes material on current topics such as land-grabbing and […]

Training course on Food Systems: from agronomy to human health

3-7 Sept, 2012, Cotonou, Benin. The partners of the EU-ACP project on “Building human and institutional capacity for enhancing the conservation and use of Neglected and Underutilized Species of crops in West Africa, and Eastern and Southern Africa” are inviting young scientists in Benin, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria or Senegal to apply for a Training course […]

Kolkata Seed Festival calls for stressing on collective heritage of agro-biodiversity

The Kolkata Seed Festival, the first of its kind in eastern India, was hosted by this city from April 27 to 29. Its focus was on celebrating and conserving India’s rich heritage of crop diversity.

Press release: Edible aroids network – a successful first year

Press release, 9 May 2012: Edible aroids network – a successful first year The International Network for Edible Aroids (INEA) is a consortium of scientists and growers from all over the world who are using edible aroids (taros) as a model to improve clonally propagated crops of the tropics. Supported by the European Union the […]

Crop Wild Relative Newsletter – Conserving plant genetic resources for use now and in the future

Crop wild relatives are a critical resources for the improvement of crops. Find out more in this new issue of the Crop wild relative Newsletter!