Bioversity International 2012-2021 Strategic Priorities and Research Agenda

Bioversity International has recently published its strategic priorities and research agenda for the decade 2012 to 2021. Bioversity International is the only global non-profit research organization that places the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity in smallholder farming systems at the centre of its work. Agricultural biodiversity is essential to help achieve global food and nutrition security. Agricultural systems rich in biodiversity are inherently more sustainable and resilient than uniform systems that rely on external inputs. It is also a vital source of food and livelihoods for the many smallholder farmers who live in rural poverty. The Strategic Priorities introductory booklet explains the role of Bioversity International’s research in promoting the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity to achieve better nutrition, improve smallholders’  livelihoods and enhance agricultural sustainability. To download and read the Strategic Priorities booklet, click here. The Research Agenda booklet sets out Bioversity International’s research agenda for the next ten years focusing on two strategic priorities: to improve the use of biodiversity by smallholder farmers to improve the conservation and availability of plant diversity To download and read the Research Agenda booklet, click here.