Natural farming in India: the video “Eco Farms: Order of the day”

Video produced by: Electronic Multimedia Research Center (EMMRC), Mysore University, India

The green revolution of the 70′s allowed to feed the rapid growing global population and brought many people out of poverty. But due to excessive use of pesticides and agrochemicals, the positive effects of the improved yields were faded out by many negative impacts on the agroenvironmental production base. Amongst them the degradation of friendly soil microbes and the┬áloss of biodiversity useful for the production system like pollinator species.

Confronted with all of these problems and willing to find longer term solutions, some indian farmers started to experiment a transformation of their conventional farming practices to organic farming practices and evolving to a zero-cost farming system, also called “natural farming”.

Mr. M.K. Kailashmurthy defines himself as a “natural farmer” and he is experimenting natural farming practices on his 6.5 acres of land, situated 65 km from Mysore city in Karnataka, India. In 5 years time, he was able to transform a rough dry land into a green orchard of Eden, cultivating 60 different herb varieties, 250 different plant varieties and hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs, all of native seeds. He stopped using any kind of chemical and pesticides on his land, arriving at a zero-cost production. This practice usually has negative impacts on yields during the first 5 years but after that initial period, yields start to improve little by little each year thanks to the restored soil microbial components and its physical structure. Mr. Kailashmurty is a testimony that the profits earned on this kind of farm largely go beyond what can be earned on a conventional farm.

To watch the video, click here: “Eco Farms: order of the day”

“Eco Farms: order of the day” is a video that was kindly sent to us by Mr. M.K. Kailashmurthy from Karnataka, India, and was produced by the Electronic Multimedia Research Center (EMMRC), Mysore University, India.