More on LPFN new blog!

By Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative

The new blog of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative was launched on January 30th, 2012! This three-year collaborative Initiative, which officially commenced in November of 2011, aims to scale up successful strategies for integrated landscape management that simultaneously support rural livelihoods, improve food security, and conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services. Such an integrated approach combines interests across multiple sectors to improve landscape management.

The Landscapes Blog will help build and sustain momentum around the Initiative, increase awareness of integrated agricultural landscapes, foster a dynamic community of practice, and highlight the work of Initiative Co-Organizers and other practitioners on a landscape scale. Leaders and innovators will provide their insights and commentary, encouraging discussion around the blog topics.

Three ongoing series will serve as the foundation of the blog, with current events, relevant links, interesting photos and other media showcased throughout the week.

    • Voices from the Field will feature stories and perspectives of people actively engaged in integrated agricultural landscape management on-the-ground and at the programmatic and policy levels.
    • Landscape of the Week will focus on a specific country or landscape, presenting mini case studies where integrated landscapes is currently practiced or has the potential to be utilized.
    • Exploring the Evidence will provide updates on research underway that is relevant to integrated agricultural landscapes.

Check out the first post of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Blog at: If you are interested in contributing to one of the blog’s thematic series, please contact Rachel Friedman.

For more information on the Initiative, please visit the website, or contact Erik Nielsen, Senior Manager, Knowledge Sharing and Policy Advocacy, EcoAgriculture Partners.