Mainstreaming Agro-Biodiversity into the Farming System in Ethiopia

An inception workshop was held in Ethiopia to introduce the project  “Mainstreaming Agro–Biodiversity into the Farming System” According to National Project Coordinator, the project is expected to provide farming communities with incentives (policies, capacity, markets and knowledge) to mainstream conservation of agro-biodiversity, including crop wild relatives into the farming systems of Ethiopia.

The goal of the project is to develop and approve comprehensive agro-biodiversity friendly policies to promote agro- biodiversity friendly production practices;  Extension service provide farmers with knowledge based extension technology to promote farmer varieties; Put in place effective M&E system for assessing conservation status of agro-biodiversity at the community level; Increased supply of agro-biodiversity products through improved efficiency of production and special marketing channels;  enhanced  international and national demand for the four  agro-biodiversity friendly products; secure incomes from trading agro-biodiversity friendly product; established four in-situ gene banks and on farm conservation sites,  put in place institutional and operational capacities to manage the four  in-situ gene banks and on farm conservation sites.

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