Seed Mothers in India use their traditional knowledge to countervail climate change

Seed mothers advocating traditional methods by using local crop varieties and biofertilizers in India In Bhubane Swar, India, about 200 “seed mothers”, bihana-maa in the local language, with their exceptional traditional knowledge of indigenous seeds and conservation are identifying, collecting and distributing local varieties of crops, amongst which paddy and millet. They are also advocating […]

Training opportunity:Contemporary approaches to genetic resources

The Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen has announced a  very interesting and relevant short course on “Contemporary approaches to genetic resources conservation and use in the context of climate change, with a focus on  genetic resource policy  and management  and integrated seed sector development”  to be held 16 April – 4 may 2012.  The […]

Dwindling Agricultural Biodiversity.

An interesting graphic image about how our once rich agricultural biodiversity continues to be reduced overtime. Source : Paul Kedrosky.

2011 Call for Research Proposals for the Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo Fellowship

Bioversity International is pleased to announce the 2011 Call for Research Proposals for the Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo Fellowship for research on Conservation of forest trees and Use of forest genetic resources in Sub-Saharan Africa. . The focus of this year’s fellowship award is on two themes: • Understanding status of and threats to genetic resources of priority […]

UNESCO Releases Outcome of Expert Meeting on IPBES

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has released the outcome of the meeting on the future of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), held , in Paris, France on 10 June 2011. The meeting’s outcome calls for representation of key stakeholders and recommends elements of a knowledge generation strategy. […]

Focus on plant function, not origins.

Should conservationists and land managers continue to use origin of species as a guiding principle for policy and management decisions?  Or should they rather focus on the function of plant species and whether they benefit or threaten biodiversity, human health, ecological services and economies. This is an argument coming from a team of ecologists led […]