Indigenous Food Festival – The Healthy Food of Indigenous

Participatory video on Indigenous Food  Festival took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2001 as part of the Indigenous Partnership project.

This participatory video, created by InsightShare and conducted by Sara Asadullah, shifts between a Karen village and an indigenous food festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The video will be presented at the Indigenous Terra Madre meeting in Sweden (17-19 JUne, 2011) by the community members themselves, where they will discuss how to revitalize traditional knowledge and local traditions through the use of participatory videos and other medias.

Hosted by IKAP and IMPECT (two local indigenous organizations of Northern Thailand), initiated and funded by the Indigenous Partnership and facilitated by InsightShare, the initiative took place in Chiang Mai in February.

The Karens, after years of fighting, have just gained a major concession from the Thai Government – the ban on the traditional rotational agriculture is lifted for them.  Other tribes will also gain from this initiative.

Eleven different tribes took part in the Food Festival, where they represented their local and traditional dishes;
most of these tribes are to be found in Northern Thailand and Myanmar.

Click here and then on “The Healthy Food of Indigenous” file to watch the video.