Indigenous community from Nongtraw village show their rotational farming techniques

Video prepared by tribe members of the Khasi village in Nongtraw, Meghalaya, North West India, as part of the project for Indigenous Partnership for Food Sovereignty and Agrobiodiversity

The video was prepared by over 50 local community members with the support of InsightShare and KSO, a local indigenous organization, and will be presented at the Terra Madre meeting in Sweden (June 17th-19th 2011) by the commuity members themselves. This community is one of the 40 villages that live in a deep valley of Southern Khasi Hills, about 1000 ft below the road level.

These communities want to revive their traditional methods and local food systems in the 40 remote villages by using participatory videos and other media means.

In this video, the community members show the traditional processes for growing local millet, for collecting a root for medicinal tea and for beekeeping. 

Click here and then on “Nongtraw compressed.mp4″ to watch or download the video