Comprehensive modelling of agro-biodiversity in relation to seed exchange networks.

 The postdoctoral project is part of a global project (3 years) funded by the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) through its CESAB program (centre national de synthèse et d’analyse sur la biodiversité). This project deals with strengthening management of agro-biodiversity through social networks using an interdisciplinary method for analyzing how local seed systems impact the diversity of domesticated plants.

The goal of the project is to study the structure of seed exchange networks (SEENs) among farmers, i.e. the fluxes of ‘seeds’ (generic term for all plant propagation vectors, including true seeds and vegetative propagules) and provide comprehensive models relating plant biodiversity to socio-cultural and geographic factors. The general question is to assess how SEEN structure – the significations, directions and intensities of seed fluxes among individuals or groups exchanging seeds, and the distribution of genealogical, socio-cultural or geographical distance among these individuals or social entities – impacts agro-biodiversity.

Closing date for application: April, 1 2011

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