International Conference On Preparing Agriculture For Climate Change, India, 2011

Scientists and climatologists will converge in Punjab Agricultural University at Ludhiana, India, at a 3 day international conference to discuss the impacts of climate change on agricultural productivity. The Platform will be represented by Dr Toby Hodgkin, who is the current Platform coordinator.

The themes for the conference are: 1) Agriculture: abettor and sufferer 2) Mitigation strategies – Policy and Management interventions 3) Adaptation strategies: Genetic options/interventions 4) Climate change and biodiversity: Extinction and new emergence.

The conference is being organized under the auspices of the Crop Improvement Society of India, and  will comprise invited plenary and symposium presentations and conclude with a panel discussion on “Directed adaptation to climate change and role of long-term forecasting models.” There will be symposium lectures in the evenings of the first two days. One session will be devoted to selected contributory posters from bright young scientists and students.

More information about the conference can be found here.