The Indigenous Partnership takes Root: Lessons from Cusco

In May 2010, the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty began to plant seeds and take root. It recently revealed a visual record of the Scoping Workshop, a three-day meeting held in Pisaq, Cusco, Peru. This Photo Story is a visual record of the process through which the group met, discussed and worked through the decision-making process.

The workshop with 31 participants allowed partners to meet, share best practices and discuss the desired guiding and operational principles of the Indigenous Partnership. The first international meeting of the Indigenous Partnership, the workshop brought together indigenous elders, researchers and practitioners from diverse biocultural regions of Bolivia, Canada, England, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Peru, Vanuatu and the United States . The workshop was held in the Potato Park, an Indigenous Biocultural Heritage Conservation Area and a model that seeks to protect the vast knowledge, culture, resources, and rights of people and the land they inhabit.

Download the Photo story titled The Indigenous Partnership Takes Root: Lessons from Cusco (pdf 1.30 MB ). We hope you enjoy! Please help us continue planting the seeds, print and share.

Photo stories are creative format developed after consulting InsightShare so to share the project’s activities in an accessible, fun and visually engaging format.