Beyond 2010: strategies for understanding and responding to long-term trends in UK biodiversity

A scientific conference will be held in the Natural History Museum London, UK 2010 as a contribution to the International Year of Biodiversity. The aim is to highlight the central role long-term studies play in addressing key biodiversity-related issues, and to explore future directions for this area of research.

The conference aims to:

-consider current and likely future national requirements for biodiversity monitoring and research;

-demonstrate the ways in which long-term studies have contributed to our understanding of key biodiversity-related issues;

- illustrate through case-studies the challenges faced in improving the quality, reliability and efficiency of measurements; data processing, interoperability and analysis; and the communication of results;

-explore opportunities to improve monitoring capability through recent developments in science,  instrumentation, and public participation, and

-consider the potential for synergies between programmes and future directions for this area of research.

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