International Seminar on Enhancement of Functional Biodiversity Relevant to Sustainable Food Production in Asia-Pacific

This international seminar to be held in Tsukuba, Japan, aims to obtain a better understanding of the current status of the functional biodiversity, in particular, focusing on natural enemies and pollinators in the Asian and Pacific region . In case a significance decrease in the functional biodiversity can be observed in certain areas/countries, and/or the […]

Second Report of the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

The Second Report of the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture now available online  at The report provides a comprehensive overview of recent trends in PGRFA conservation and use around the world. It is based on information gathered from more than 100 countries, as well as from regional and international […]

Agriculture and Rural Development Day

   Finding sustainable agriculture solutions to meet food security and climate challenges The Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010, held in parallel to COP16, will bring agriculture sector adaptation and mitigation strategies to the forefront of the global climate treaty negotiations. It will demonstrate clearly that agriculture is where climate change, food security, and development […]

Ethical Considerations in Agro-biodiversity Research, Collecting, and Use

Johannes M. M. Engels, Hannes Dempewolf and Victoria Henson-Apollonio (2010),  Ethical Considerations in Agro-biodiversity Research, Collecting, and Use, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics   “Humans have always played a crucial role in the evolutionary dynamics of agricultural biodiversity and thus there is a strong relationship between these resources and human cultures. These agricultural resources have long been treated as […]

Democratising agricultural research: Making excluded voices count in food and agricultural policy making

An initiative that questions the often narrow interests of agricultural research. Focussing on four regions aiming to make the voices of small scale producers and other excluded citizens heard — and count — in the governance and process of agricultural research. More can be found here.  West Africa. The West African part of the action-research […]

Ph D Student Search from Kenya or East Africa – World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

The World Agroforestry Centre is seeking a Ph D student from Kenya or East Africa. Attached is the advert for ease reference and similar information can be accessed from We would greatly appreciate your assistance in bringing this announcement to the attention of qualified applicants.  If you or the applicant would like more information […]