6th Henry A. Wallace Inter-American Scientific Conference: “Agrobiodiversity in Mesoamerica – from genes to landscapes

The aim of the Wallace conference is to strengthen the use and management of agrobiodiversity in Mesoamerica by bringing together international research  and public sector organizations, universities and civil society to study, analyze and take action to promote sustainable land management, in recognition of the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010, as declared by the United Nations. The conference will link science, practical action and policy to address the challenge of loss of agricultural biodiversity in Mesoamerica.

The objectives of the Conference are to:

1. Profile the current status of agrobiodiversity—landscapes, unique genetic resources and stakeholder interest—and the impact of global trends;
2. Identify new strategies for the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity through an exchange among international and national partners;
3. Explore the functional role of agrobiodiversity in the provision of ecosystemic services from genes to landscapes;
4. Evaluate and analyze the adequacy of current ex situ conservation strategies to encourage greater investment on ex situ conservation of unique genetic diversity in Mesoamerica;
5. Identify gaps and follow-up actions in the spheres of research, higher education and teaching, policy and development.

To know more, visit the Wallace Conference Website here.