European Congress on Conservation Agriculture 2010 Madrid, Spain

After the initial years when only a few farmers knew the concept of Conservation Agriculture and research groups began to study its environmental benefits, we are now at a stage in which the techniques are already known in the agricultural sector and new lines of research are being developed, focused on the study and resolution of current problems such as climate change and biodiversity loss.For this reason this Conference intends to make a quality leap with respect to issues already covered in previous scientific dissemination and technology transfer events. Therefore, presentations, communications and reports on practical experiences, will focus on recent achievements in traditional lines of research and the new studies which are being carried out, in response to the current demands of society regarding agronomic, political, environmental and economic issues.

This event will serve to update the knowledge of the audience, to promote the exchange of experiences among professionals of the sector, and to publicize the role that the Conservation Agriculture has within the current environmental, political and social frame. Thus, Conservation Agriculture is presented as a model to promote in order to advance towards a system of sustainable agricultural production for the present and the future.

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