Documentary film "Diverseeds" wins a prize.

The film by  Markus Schmidt and Camillo Meinhart has won a prize in the Vedere la Scienza Festival

The diversity of plant genetic resources is regularly used by humans for food and produce items that are in common use for everyone,” says N. Maxted, University of Birmingham. Yet agriculture is becoming more widespread adoption of a few selected varieties cultivated. This has greatly reduced the genetic basis of some of the most important sources of food leading to the disappearance of hundreds of landraces or breeds typical of the natural environment in which they live. Store and use the genetic diversity of plants will be vital to be able to meet future development needs of Europe, Asia and many other countries worldwide. Through the testimony of many experts from various countries, the documentary shows why biodiversity is important for agriculture and how it is safeguarded and used. With beautiful shots taken in Europe and Asia, the film describes the importance of traditional breeds, seeds and crops premises.

DIVERSEEDS Trailer from Camillo Meinhart on Vimeo.