European Learning Network on Functional Agrobiodiversity

Author: Veronica Mikos

The European Learning Network on Functional AgroBiodiversity (ELN-FAB) project aims to accumulate knowledge on how biodiversity can be mobilized to increase sustainable agricultural production, to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and practical experiences between farmers, policymakers and scientists to enable fast and effective implementation of best practices and to promote sustainable agriculture in the 27 Member States of the EU, and in Norway and Switzerland.

The key outputs of the project during 2010–2011 will focus on:
• the ELN-FAB website, providing information on functional agrobiodiversity, examples of good practices and a register of projects from all over Europe, news and more;
• annual European seminars, bringing together representatives of the target groups from several countries and collecting and exchanging experience;
• communication and outreach activities, presentations at events;
• a series of awareness raising workshops about FAB throughout Europe to form working partnerships;
• a handbook on FAB to help the stakeholders to strengthen the role of FAB in their operations.

The European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC), the host of the ELN-FAB Secretariat, is very grateful for the contribution of numerous organizations, as this will enable us to continue the work in the next phase of broadening and intensifying the current activities of the Network.

For more information contact ECNC’s Communication Officer at or Veronica on email :