"Democratising the governance of food systems: Strengthening the voice of the excluded in agricultural research and its governance"

Throughout the world, public funded research shapes the choices that are available to farmers, food workers, consumers, and the environments in which they live and work. There is an increasing need to explore ways of democratising the governance of science and technology, ensuring that it continues to serve the public good rather than narrow economic […]

Bridging Managed and Natural Landscapes – The role of traditional (agri)culture in maintaining the diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems

During the recent DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference in Cape Town, which had as its theme “Biodiversity and Society: understanding connections, adapting to change,” we presented this poster on the connections between agricultural and wild landscapes. The poster urges conservation scientists and protected area managers to see agricultural communities, and the landscapes they create, as integral to […]

The Community-based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRiSTAL)

The Community-based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRiSTAL) is a tool designed to help project planners and managers integrate climate change adaptation into community-level projects. It helps project designers and managers: Understand the links between livelihoods and climate in their project areas;  Assess a project’s impact on community-level adaptive capacity; and Make project […]

The Future of Family Farming Debate: BE PART OF IT

ILEIA – the centre for learning on sustainable agriculture and secretariat of the global LEISA-Network  invites you to join a challenging debate on the Future of Family Farming on 15 December 2009 in The Hague, the Netherlands. Together with professionals from science, government, business, NGOs and partners and farmers from the South we want to […]

"….and the prize goes to ……….."

The 2009 World Food Prize will be awarded to Dr. Gebisa Ejeta of Ethiopia whose sorghum hybrids resistant to drought and the devastating Striga weed have dramatically increased the production and availability of one of the world’s five principal grains and enhanced the food supply of hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Ejeta’s […]

International GMBA-DIVERSITAS conference: Functional significance of mountain biodiversity

Chandolin (Valais), Switzerland The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment of DIVERSITAS is celebrating its 10th year of activity in 2010 with an international conference in the Swiss Alps, on the overarching theme of functional significance of mountain biodiversity. More …