Democratising the Governance of Food and Agricultural Research

Towards Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming autonomous food systems (Part III: Chapter 7 only)

The latest chapter of an on line multimedia book in the making “Towards Food Sovereignty. Reclaiming autonomous food systems” focuses on the need to transform agricultural research. It also addresses the politics of knowledge associated with conservation and natural resource use as well as notions of cognitive justice and equivalency between indigenous knowledge systems and western science. Authored by Michel Pimbert, the chapter is called “Transforming knowledge and ways of knowing.”  Download the publication

 Pimbert proposes a new way of working in which policy makers, scientists and local people set strategic research priorities together, and in which research serves local interests ahead of those of private companies and technocratic elites. He proposes a two pronged approach. The first gives a more central place to farmers and other citizens in the actual governance and running of a strengthened public research system. The second seeks to expand horizontal networks of knowledge producers and users to enhance learning and action by, with and for people.

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