Exploring the Dynamic Relationship between Health and the Environment

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Milstein Science Symposium
American Museum of Natural History, New York City

Organizers: The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

Description: A symposium that looks at the interactions between health and the environment . It will present a diversity of viewpoints and experiences, spanning the natural, medical, and social sciences, as well as policy planning. Participants will discuss knowledge/data gaps and the limitations of current approaches, and examine innovative methods that move beyond speculation to a grounded understanding of impacts and realistic solutions. Particular emphasis will be placed on consideration of multiple and interacting stressors and decision making for maximizing benefits to both health and the environment.

Key Dates: April 2-3 2009
Call for posters:  Deadline Extended: February 28 2009

More details:
Email: cbcsymposium@amnh.org
Web: symposia.cbc.amnh.org/health