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Global imperatives to provide adequate food and nutrition security over the next several decades point to a need to enhance the productive capacity of agricultural land. Rather than continue a “green-revolution” path of depending upon external inputs to increase production, ecological intensification – the optimization of ecosystem services in the agricultural production process – has been proposed as a promising solution.

As a quite new and in many respects untested approach to sustaining and increasing agricultural production, the emerging field of ecological intensification can benefit from the inputs of people and practitioners that have begun to consider and apply relevant concepts in their work and research.

The EU FP-7 funded project, “LInking farmland Biodiversity to Ecosystem seRvices for effective ecofunctional intensificaTION” aims to provide the evidence base for ecological intensification and demonstrate the concept in seven representative agricultural landscape types in Europe.  In the context of disseminating information and raising awareness on ecological intensification, through this project, we invite you to join a “Community of Practice” on Ecological Intensification.

What will it do?

Our intention, with establishing this platform for a community of practices, will be facilitate the following:

  • Discussions of definitions- particularly for emerging concepts such as sustainable intensification versus ecological intensification;
  • Contributions to a comprehensive reference list on the topic;
  • Recognition of aspects of ecological intensification that need more clarity or in-depth reviews;
  • Identification of best practices in implementation;
  • Discussion of how the evidence base and benefits of ecological intensification can best be demonstrated to stakeholders;
  • Identification of issues and policy levers that may be necessary conditions for the success of the approach.

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