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Thank you for joining the LIBERATION Community of Practice on Ecological Intensification. We are excited to work with you through this tool! We have prepared a number of discussions that we feel are relevant for relevant to ecological intensification. The timetable is as follows:


Dear participants,

After a group debate and analysis, the moderation team decided to postpone the discussion on Land Sharing VS Land Sparing due to the low levels of participation recorded during the last weeks. The land sparing and sharing debate is gaining importance in R & D and it will play a key role in ecological intensification at a policy and implementation level; we will engage in this discussion at a later stage when a significant participation can be guaranteed.

We will keep you informed on upcoming discussions and events.

With best regards,

Paul Bordoni, Bejamin Graub and Helga Gruberg


Afterwards we will keep you informed on the up-coming discussions. Should you have any further topics that you wish to discuss please let us know and we will make sure to include them in a discussion or create a new thread. Please refer to the guidance document on the platform if you are unsure about how to do this or get in touch with Paul Bordoni. NEW: We have set up a page with the Synthesis of discussions Thank you once again for your active participation and best regards, Helga, Paul and Benjamin