• Posted on September 12th, 2011

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    Bhuwon Ratna Sthapit

    Position: In situ crop conservation specialist
    Work Address: Bioversity International-Office for South Asia, NASC, DPS Marg, Pusa Campus, New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 2584900
    Research Activities: Bhuwon Sthapit is currently working as a Project Coordinator of the Diversity for Livelihoods Programme at the International Plant Genetic Resource Institute. He joined IPGRI in August 1997 as a scientist for in-situ conservation, home gardens, tropical fruits and participatory approaches to crop improvement. He did his PhD in Plant Biology (Rice genetics in chilling tolerance) from the University of Wales, UK. Before joining IPGRI, he worked as plant breeder in Lumle Agricultural Research Centre, Nepal Agricultural Research Council and Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD). The most cited work of research so far on:participatory plant breeding, cold tolerance of rice, on-farm/in situ conservation, home gardens, seed systems to cope climate change, tropical fruits, community based biodiversity management, food based nutrition and soil fertility management.


    Key Publications:

    • Steele KA, S. Gyawali, K.D. Joshi, P. Shrestha, B.R. Sthapit & J.R. Witcombe .2009. Has the introduction of modern rice varieties changed rice genetic diversity in a high-altitude region of Nepal? Field Crop Research: 10.1016/j.fcr.2009.04.002 (on line version)
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    • Sthapit, BR, R Rana, P Eyzaquirre, and DI Jarvis. 2008. The value of plant genetic diversity to resource-poor farmers in Nepal and Vietnam. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 6(2): 148–166.
    • Bajracharya, J, KA Steele, DI Jarvis, BR Sthapit and JR Witcombe, 2006. Rice landrace diversity in Nepal: Variability of agro-morphological traits and SSR markers in landraces from a high-altitude site. Field Crop Research. 95: 327-335.
    • Sthapit BR, Rao VR. 2009. Consolidating community’s role in local crop development by promoting farmer innovation to maximise the use of local crop diversity for the well being of people. In Jaenicke H., Ganry J., Höschle-Zeledon I. and Kahane R. (eds.). 2009. Underutilized Plants for Food, Nutrition, Income and Sustainable Development. Acta Horticulture 806. International Society for Horticultural Science. Leuven, Belgium. 739 pp.
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    • Bajracharya J, A. H. D. Brown, B. K. Joshi, D. Pandey, B. K. Baniya, B.R. Sthapit, and D.I. Jarvis 2011. Traditional seed management and genetic diversity in barley varieties in the high-hill agro-ecosystem of Nepal. Genet Resour Crop Evol. DOI 10.1007/s10722-011-9689-2
    • Bajracharya J , R.B. Rana, D. Gauchan, B.R. Sthapit, D.I. Jarvis and J.R. Witcombe 2010. Rice landrace diversity in Nepal. Socio-economic and ecological factors determining rice landrace diversity in three agro-ecozones of Nepal based on farm surveys. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution doi 10.1007/s10722-010-9544-x
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    • Maharjan SK, BR Sthapit and Pitambar Shrestha 2010. Community biodiversity management (CBM) fund for sustainable rural finance. LEISA India 12(2):35-36
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    • Gautam R, Bhuwon Sthapit, Abishkar Subedi, D Poudel, Pratap Shrestha and Pablo Eyzaguirre 2008. Home gardens management of key species in Nepal: A way to maximise the use of useful diversity for the well being of poor farmers. Plant Genetic Resources Characterization and Utilization 1-12. doi.10.1017/S1479262108110930

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