Al-Hakimi Amin

Position: Prof. and Researcher in plant breeding
Working at: Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University
Work Address: Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, P.O.Box 13768 Sana’a Yemen

Phone: 0096 77 11658330
Personal Website:
Research Activities: Dr.Amin Al-Hakimi, Professor of Plant Breeding, Faculty of Agriculture, Sana’a University, Yemen, Head of Yemeni Association for Sustainable Agriculture Development-YASAD. Actually I’m Fulbright Scholar Researcher at Texas A&M University, Department of Agronomy Field Lab, associate with World Coffee Research-Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture. Dr. Al-Hakimi received his PhD in Agronomy & Plant Breeding from (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes) the Practical School of Higher Studies & INRA-ENSA Montpellier, France. I was served as Researcher in Agriculture Research & Extension Authority (AREA) and Faculty of Agriculture. During 1998-2007, I Created and Directed the Yemeni Genetic Resources Center – YGRC in the Faculty of Agriculture, as well as Lecturer & Researcher in the areas of Crops Improvement, Sustainable rain-fed Agriculture, Traditional Agriculture Knowledge, Plant Biodiversity, Food Security, Coffee Production, Medicinal Plants, and Participatory Research. Dr. Amin is also a National and International Consultant & Expert reviewer in Urban Agriculture, Climate Change in Agriculture, Food Security, Biosafety, Biotechnology, Traditional Food System, Eco-Health Approach, Water Use Efficiency, Higher Education, Utilization of Biotechnology for Agriculture Improvement and Monitoring & Evaluation Expert.

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