DATAR – Agrobiodiversity

DATAR Identificador 1DATAR posterdj after 21-9DATAR is an evolving multi-component tool  that is used to describe agricultural biodiversity and resilience at landscape level.

DATAR follows a heuristic framework (;http:////yalepress.yale.edubook.asp?isbn=9780300161120)  to assess:

• Diversity of crop species and varieties ( ,livestock breeds, and fish populations;

• Ability to access diversity and associated information;

• Extent of use of the available materials and information about them;

• Benefits obtained by the farmer and farming community from use of diversity;

• Community perspectives on social ecoloheurgical resilience;

DATAR provides the information needed to support farming communities in the maintenance
and use of traditional crop varieties, livestock breeds and fish populations to improve
productivity and ecosystem resilience.