The Pest and Disease Team


Bioversity International


Bioversity is the world’s largest international research organization dedicated solely to the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity. It undertakes, encourages and supports research and other activities on the use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity, especially genetic resources, to create more productive, resilient and sustainable harvests. Bioversity serves as the executive agency at the global level. It oversees the Global Project Management Unit (PMU), located at its headquarters in Rome.  Under the overall management of Dr. Devra Jarvis, the Global Project Director, the Global PMU ensures that project activities are implemented  harmoniously in all countries.

Yunnan Agricultural University

Yunnan Agricultural University is the National Executive Agency for the implementation of project in China. A comprehensive university established in 1938, develops agricultural education, science and technology by means of undertaking fundamental and applied research; teaches at all levels of higher education and additional professional education on wide range of agriculture, economics, social and humility sciences, engineering, education, and administration; focuses research on Sustaining Control of the Rice Blast by using biodiversity that has made its theoretical and practical achievements recognized well in worldwide; conducts research and development of the crops through multi-disciplinary research team from different colleges and institutes.


The National Autonomous Institute of Agricultural Research (Instituto Nacional Autónomo de Investigaciones Agropecuarias – INIAP), which operates under the Ministry of Agriculture, will be the National Project Executive Agency in Ecuador. INIAP has more than 40 years of history on agricultural research in Ecuador. Officially INIAP initiated in 1959 with funding support from USA. One of the most important operational changes in its history was in 1992 when it was constituted as an autonomous and decentralized organization in legal, administrative, finance, and technical terms. INIAP mission is to release technology and specialized services to increase agricultural productivity and boost national agro-biodiversity. Its research programs focuses on different crops such as African palm, rice, cocoa, coffee, banana and plantain, soybean, potato, maize, bean, faba bean, pea, minor cereals (wheat and barley), Andean fruits (cherimoya, three tomato, tobacco and naranjilla), apple and peach, agroforestry, and animal production.

Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine Hassan II

The Executive Agency in Morocco will be the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAV), Rabat, which operates directly under the authority of Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Marine Fishery. IAV is a comprehensive agricultural university established in 1968, deals with agricultural education, training, research and development. It plays an important role in the Moroccan National PGR programme. IAV sits on the National Council for Environmental Protection. IAV includes 43 departments covering all disciplines in agronomy sciences (crops production, agrobiodiversity, soil sciences, plant protection, animal production, social and economic sciences), Veterinary Medicine (all related disciplines), food sciences and technology, rural engineering and machinery and topography. This provides a unique situation with expertise in most disciplines related to agriculture, rural development and natural resources management; particularly in agriculture biodiversity. 


 National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)

National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), which is overall governmental institutions in-charge of all agricultural research in crops, fish, livestock, forestry, and food processing in Uganda, will be the National Executing Agency. NARO is the overall government institution in charge of all agricultural Research in crops, fish, livestock, forestry, appropriate technology and food processing in Uganda. It also has agricultural research and development centres in different agro-ecological zones of the country. NARO is an umbrella organization comprising of nine (9) Research Institutes. The Research Institutes are the technical arm of NARO each with a varying research mandate. Cross-cutting issues related to natural resource management, socio-economics, onfarm and post-harvest handling are addressed across the commodities.