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The 7th International Crop Sciences Congress, Beijing, China

November 1st, 2016 | Source: Bai Keyu

img_3074The 7th International Crop Sciences Congress was held in Beijing on 14-19th August, there are about more than 2,000 participants from 70 countries. The topics of this meeting included: Life Science, Sustainable Development, Earth Science, Development, Agriculture Fisheries and Cultivation and more, which were covered by 19 keynote speeches, and 300 presentations and 900 posters. Drs: Zhang Zongwen, Bai Keyu from Bioversity; our key partners; Drs. Wang Yunyue from Yunnan Agricultural University, and Long Chunlin from Minzu University attended this important event by making oral and  poster presentations. The topics included: Aceess and benefit sharing of crop genetic resources in China-Policies, procedures and practices by Zhang Zongwen; The use of crop genetic diversity as alternative solution to pest and disease management and sustainable agriculture in Southwest of China by Bai Keyu, Rice farming system management for pest and disease control in Honghe Hani terrace by Wang Yunyue, Diversity of seed management in Tibetan communities of northwest Yunnan province, China; and three posters on: Can commercialization save rare landraces in small ethnic communities?; Upland crop landraces gone with swidden ban; Conservation and utilization of crop germplasm resources in ethnic communities of China by Long Chunlin. img_8075The participants shared their research progresses and innovation finding on agrobiodiversity management from policy, seed management, biodiversity for biotic and abiotic stress and access to genetic resources.