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New Book “Managing Water and Agroecosystems for Food Security”

September 6th, 2013 | Source: Devra I Jarvis, Elizabeth Khaka, Petina L. Pert, Lamourdia Thiombiano and Eline Boelee

Book cover: Managing Water and Agroecosystems for Food Security

While scientific literature has dealt extensively with the relationship between diversity and ecosystem services in natural ecosystems, the relationship between biodiversity and agricultural ecosystems remains under-researched. Agricultural ecosystems are particularly intertwined with ecosystem services, known as regulating and supporting services. Regulating services provide improved water quality, pollination efficiency, and decrease the vulnerability of an agroecosystem to pests, diseases and natural hazards such as floods and droughts. Supporting services include hydrological cycling, soil nutrient cycling, and soil formation.

This new book gives examples to show how crop, trees and livestock diversity can directly effect ecosystem functions. Diverse plants varieties and animal breeds provide both an increased number of functional traits, and facilitate positive interactions among species, breeds, varieties and key ecosystem services.

Chapter 9 of the recently published book  entitled “Managing Agroecosystem Services by Devra I Jarvis, Elizabeth Khaka, Petina L. Pert, Lamourdia Thiombiano, and Eline Boelee edited by Eline Boelee, gives attention to the potential role of biological diversity in cultivated ecosystems (of crops and livestock).