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Farmers promoted Musa genetic diversity fair

May 26th, 2011

A story published on Ecuadorian newspaper “La Gaceta” about groups of farmers and students who organized a Musa genetic diversity exhibit in La Maná, Ecuador, as part as a Bioversity International project.

A group of  farmers and students, who joined together for the project “Bioversity International”, developed an exhibition of science and technology and gastronomy of Musa diversity produced in the subtropical zone.

Iniap (Instituto Nacional Autonomo de Investigaciones Agropecuarias del Ecuador) has supported the project and has provided three years training for farmers on knowledge of biodiversity of crops they have in their farms and strategies to counter pests and diseases.

The region of  La Maná, where the fair took place, is very rich in genetic diversity of  Musa and this allows farmers to be able to offer a wide diversity of products in local, national and international markets, hence to obtain higher income.

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