Little pest threatens tamarillo crops

April 26th, 2011

A recent article by Annette Lambly on the tomato/potato psyllid (TPP) published by The Northen Advocate

The tomato/potato psyllid (TPP) is an insect that causes yeld losses of over 50% on its own, but it can also carry a desease that kills plants.  Recently Biosecurity New Zealand carried out an investigation and concluded that TPP has spread throughout New Zealand and it’s now well-established in the country, sucking the life out of tamarillos and tremendously damaging growers.

“With tamarillo harvesting about to get underway growers say production will again be drastically affected by TPP.
New Zealand tamarillo growers have already halved from the 120 registered five years ago and of those 60, only 45 remain active growers – 20 of these in Northland, the majority of the remainder in the Bay of Plenty.

The North American psyllid insect, which sneaked under New Zealand’s biosecurity radar in 2006 has now carried its harmful bacteria nationwide threatening not only tamarillo crops, but tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums and cape gooseberries”.

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