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Video: Recovery of Tarwi seeds in four communities of Carabuco Municipality near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

November 8th, 2011

The UNDP Community-Based Adaptation Project (funded by GEF and others) supports the recovery of the Tarwi seeds (lupinus mutabilis) in four communities of the Carabuco Municipality that surrounds Lake Titicaca. Through the project’s activities, the appreciation of tarwi and its promotion through ecotype quality seeds,  local varieties, as well as the experimentation with other varieties, have increased the communities’ knowledge on adaptation, comparative value, and productivity of their agriculture. In addition, community members and environmental leaders are trained to promote, in the municipal level, the know-how and best practices on adaptive natural resources management, the different advantages of increasing the production of tarwi crops through the use of certified seeds, as a way to reduce the inhabitants vulnerability.

Click here to watch the video.

Video produced by the Communities of the Carabuco Municipality, UNDP, GEF, SGP, CUNA.