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CDKN funding opportunity now open: international research call on climate compatible development

September 2nd, 2011

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) supports developing countries to respond to the challenges posed by climate change and to deliver climate-compatible development. We offer advice and technical assistance, cutting-edge research, strategic knowledge sharing and partnership building.  Within the research stream, we make periodic global research calls on specific topics.

CDKN has announced its second global research call, on the themes of climate compatible development and disaster risk management and resilience.  Call is open for proposals on the following subthemes:
THEME 1: Climate Compatible Development, including three subthemes:

1. Designing and delivering climate compatible development
2. Decision paths, tools and processes for climate compatible development
3. Low Carbon Policies on Development and Growth

THEME 2: Disaster Risk Management and Resilience, including four subthemes:

1. Design of disaster risk management systems
2. Disaster Responses that build resilience
3. Risk financing leading to risk reduction
4. Costs and benefits of risk management strategies
In this call, sub-theme research areas are specified, and researchers are invited to submit research questions of their choice under the subtheme. Applications are invited for projects with a value between £400,000 and £500,000, with exceptional projects able to apply for funding of up to £1 million. We will fund around 8 projects of 18-24 months’ duration, depending on quality of applications and size of funding requested.

CDKN funds research of the highest scientific standards with clear policy impact pathways. We are looking for strong theoretical foundations to proposed research that will make a significant contribution to the academic and practitioner communities. We encourage partnerships and capacity building efforts between researchers, policy makers and wider CDKN partners throughout the process.

For full details, including research questions, eligibility criteria and application processes, please see the research call documentation on the CDKN website here.