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Climate Change, Food Security, and Agrobiodiversity: Toward a Just, Resilient, and Sustainable Food System

August 31st, 2011 | Source: Carmen G. Gonzalez from the Seattle University School of Law

Food Security is facing a deep crisis which is threatening and eroding agricultural biodiversity and hence putting the world’s food supply in serious danger and vulnerable to disastrous crop failure in case of droughts, floods and pests and diseases.

Climate change contributes to worsen this situation, by increasing the already persistent and extreme weather, by wiping out yields and aggravating the scarceness of water.
The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization reports impressively alarming data: the number of chronically undernourished people in the world reached 1.2 billion people in 2009.

This article analyses the causes of the food crises and suggests specific measures to adopt in order to address food insecurity, loss of agrobiodiversity and climate change-related problems.

The article stresses that one of the causes is the gradual destruction of local and traditional food systems and methods, which are healthy and sustainable, and asserts that small-scale sustainable agriculture can be a solution  to climate change and agrobiodiversity and food crisis. Lastly, it recommends specific measures the international community should take, and laws and regulations they should promote in order to achieve a just, resilient and sustainable food system.

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