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Information on Second Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

August 23rd, 2011

Mainstreaming Adaptation into Development: Adaptation in Action

The adaptation forum 32011 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 27 and 28 October 2011, and will focus on mainstreaming adaptation into Development.

You can get involved with the Adaptation Forum 2011 through “The Market Place”.

The Market Place is organized within the venue of the Adaptation Forum 2011 for participants to showcase their products, services, information and knowledge on climate change adaptation. This will provide a unique opportunity for the exhibitors during the event to display their work, meet with other participants, network and review their publications and products across the region and beyond. There is no charge for a place in the Market.

The Refresher Workshop: What Everyone Needs to Know about Climate Change Adaptation, 26 October 2011, Siam City Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The one-day workshop’s aim is to make the Adaptation Forum 2011 more rewarding and and to provide a deeper understanding of the Forum to the participants who are less familiar with climate change adaptation.
The workshop will introduce, review and clarify key concepts and arguments about climate change adaptation. The interactive format also enrich the experience for veterans and practitioners.

A Competition for the Best Media Reports on Adaptation to Climate Change: Open to all Journalists from the Asia-Pacific region
If you have been telling the exciting story of adaptation to climate change, here is your chance to win an award, and rub shoulders with the movers and shakers in this field.

The Adaptation Forum 2011 organizers and the Third Pole Project are organizing a competition for the best media reports on Adaptation to Climate Change. The winners will be invited to the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2011. The competition is open to all journalists in the Asia-Pacific region. The reports can be in any medium, be it print, web, video or audio. They can be in any language, but non-English entries should be accompanied by a written summary in English.

2011 Climate Change Adaptation Film Festival
If you have shot a film/video that aptly captures a response to climate change by communities, individuals or organizations, this is the chance to not only share it with others in the field, but also win a prize. The Adaptation Forum 2011 organizers in cooperation with the Media Alliance are organizing the 2011 Climate Change Adaptation Film Festival.The Film Festival is open to individuals and agencies. There is no entry fee. Entries should capture practices in adaptation, adaptation strategies and capacities. The video/film must have been produced before 30 September 2011.

For more info, updates, further details, to submit notes and entries, Visit Adaptation Forum 2011 Website

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