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2010 Asia Pacific Human Development Academic Fellowship

November 8th, 2010

Human development is about expanding people’s opportunities, freedoms, and choices to live the lives that they value. Without food security and sustainable livelihoods, achieving human development is not possible. Climate change presents a major development challenge to sustainable livelihoods as it threatens to undermine international, national, and community efforts to combat poverty, and exacerbates already existing inequalities between and within countries regarding access to food and human development opportunities.

Poor rural households are most vulnerable to climate change, especially if located in disaster-prone areas. Because of links to natural resources, climate change not only increases environmental risk, but also reduces livelihoods opportunities, and in consequence, stresses existing social institutions. Thus, it is important to have a better understanding of the effects of climate change on people’s lives, in the context of a framework where climate change, sustainable livelihoods, poverty, food security, and human development are interlinked.

The UNDP Human Development Academic Fellowship for Asia Pacific carries an award of US$10,000. The students will be required to submit to UNDP a copy of their final approved dissertation. In addition, fellows may be expected to present their work in workshops, seminars, and other events arranges by UNDP.

The objective of the Academic Fellowship is to encourage young PhD students from Asia-Pacific region to analyze critical development issues from a human development perspective, contributing to development theory, and application policies. Thus, the fellows are expected to push the frontiers of research on human development while analyzing, through the human development lens, issues directly or indirectly related to human development. The research must focus on a well defined aspect of human development under the theme selected for the year and can be theoretical, applied policy oriented, or a combination.

Applications should be submitted by November 30, 2010.

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