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Resilience to Climate Change: the Community-Based Adaptation Project in Bolivia

October 27th, 2010

The impacts of climate change will significantly impact the livelihoods of rural poor communities in Bolivia. 

Increasing temperatures, increasingly variable precipitation, melting glaciers and consequently altered hydrology have significant impacts on the ecosystems upon which people rely for agriculture, water, and other vital goods and services.

Biodiversity is also threatened, land degradation pressures increase, and progress toward the Millennium Development Goals is put at risk. 

Small communities are often the most severely affected, yet the least equipped to cope with the impacts of climate change. In recognition of this, the UNDP-GEF Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) project pilots the community component of the GEF Strategic Priority on Adaptation,  building the resilience of communities and the ecosystems upon which they rely in the face of climate change impacts.

In Bolivia CBA project will build community-level capacity to adapt to climate change by integrating climate change risk management practices into community management of agro-ecosystems, water, soils, and crop genetic resources.  Through these activities and through the development of strategic partnerships, CBA project activities will increase the resilience of land and biodiversity resources to the consequences of climate change.

CBA-supported community projects in Bolivia will focus on three key areas:  food security/agriculture, water resources, and natural ecosystems.

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