Strengthening What Works – Recognising and supporting the conservation achievements of indigenous peoples and local communities

October 20th, 2010

CBD COP 10 Side-Event -Thursday, 21 October 2010

1.15pm to 2.45pm – Room 234C Bldg 2 – 3rd Floor, Nagoya – Japan

Territories and sites conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCAs) are a phenomenon of global significance for the earth’s biodiversity, livelihood security, cultural diversity, and meeting a host of other human development objectives. Properly accounted for, recognized and supported, ICCAs could possibly secure as much land and natural resources as those, today, under governments’ “conservation status” around the world.

Since the World Parks Congress at Durban, in 2003, the IUCN has stressed the need to better understand, recognize and support ICCAs. The CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) encourages Parties to do the same. This event will review and compare experiences, lessons learned and practical “DOs and DON’Ts” from around the world. It will review how CBD Parties, indigenous peoples, local communities, civil society organizations and others can promote appropriate legislation and policy, list ICCAs in the dedicated UNEP/WCMC Registry and support new and on-going initiative with the help of GEF SGP. This side event will focus on terrestrial ICCAs and another one on Friday 22 October will be dedicated to marine and coastal environments.