ICCAs in Coastal and Marine Environments – learning from long-standing and new examples throughout the world

October 20th, 2010

CBD COP 10 Side-Event - Friday, 22 October 2010

1.15pm to 2.45pm – Room 211B – Bldg 2, 1st Floor, Ngoya – Japan

ICCA – sites and landscapes/seascapes voluntarily conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities – are a phenomenon of global significance in both terrestrial and marine and coastal environments. This event will feature tools and guidance on how CBD Parties, indigenous peoples, local communities, civil society organizations and others can promote the conservation, livelihood and cultural benefits of marine and coastal ICCAs.

Drawing from a variety of long-standing and new examples in marine and coastal areas throughout the world, the event will identify lessons learned and practical “Dos and DON’Ts” for national policy and practice to recognize ICCAs, help protect them and support the full flourishing of their benefits. International mechanisms, such as listing of marine and coastal ICCAs in the dedicated UNEP/WCMC Registry and provision of support from GEF SGP will also be discussed. Recent tools and guidance will be distributed. This event will be preceded by another one, on Thursday 21 October, dedicated to ICCAs in terrestrial environments.