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“A Viable Food Future” : New Report on Ecological Agriculture

September 20th, 2010

A report was released by the Norway’s Development Fund “A Viable Food Future” in which the concept of ecological agriculture is introduced and explained.

The aim of this report is to provide scientifically based facts, arguments and ideas for what is needed to meet some of the most important challenges in the world today. This report is about food and agriculture, it sees food as more than calories that fill people’s stomachs, and it sees agriculture as more than producing and harvesting food.

Our way of life, our well-being, our culture and interactions with the people we love and care for are intimately linked to how and where food is produced, what is produced, how we buy it, how we prepare it and how we eat it. The future of humanity depends on how food is – and will be – produced and provided.

As actors or observers, we witness with both our minds and hearts, the domino of unfolding crises. In a relatively short time, we have had the whole range of possible alerts to the health of our planet.

This report gives context to the current situation:

Hunger. More than 1 billion people are permanently undernourished, 75% of them are food producers and their families.
Obesity. 400 million people are suffering of obesity, and 1.2 billion more are overweight. This is a fast-growing health problem not only in the industrialized countries, but also in developing countries.
Malnutrition. In addition to undernourishment and obesity, other forms of malnutrition cause the death and serious health problems of millions of people.
Climate change. Food production and livelihoods are threatened by changing climates, and at the same time, agriculture is also a main contributor to climate change.
Environmental threats. Agricultural diversity, soil and water are critical for future food production and food security, but these resources are being drastically depleted and polluted.
Poverty. Almost half the world’s population – 3 billion people – live in poverty, and almost 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty. The majority of the poor live in rural areas and are linked to agriculture and other kind of food production.

The report can be downloaded from: