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Documentary film: The Climate Game and the World’s Poor

July 9th, 2010

The Climate Game and the World’s Poor: a documentary film from inside the COP-15 climate change summit
The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is making available an international edition of the documentary The Climate Game and the World’s Poor, which shows what happened when 193 governments tried – and failed – to agree a global deal to tackle climate change.

The film provides a revealing insight into the way international diplomacy can become an intricate game played by competing nations, a game that for millions of the world’s poorest people is really a question of life and death.

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It follows delegates from some of the countries that are most vulnerable to climate change during the COP15 climate-change negotiations that took place in December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As the world’s attention focused on Copenhagen and COP15′s potential to limit the threat of climate change, the mood among the thousands of delegates inside the conference centre soon began to sour.

Featuring interviews with senior negotiators and other climate-change experts, the documentary tells the story of what happened when the critical talks began to unravel thanks to leaked texts, broken trust, blocking tactics and secret meetings that excluded many nations.

The film features an ongoing commentary on the state of the negotiations from Dr Saleemul Huq, senior fellow in IIED’s climate change group, and reactions from journalists from Africa, Asia and Latin America who were at COP15 with the Climate Change Media Partnership, which IIED runs with Panos and Internews.

The documentary was directed and filmed by Jesper Heldgaard and Bo Illum Jorgensen, and produced and edited by Anders Dencker Christensen.

To watch the movie, get a copy of it or have more information, please visit the IIED post The Climate Game and the World’s Poor: Documentary film from inside the COP15 climate-change summit.

Source and photo credit: IIED