Cooperate, Connect and Contribute

December 8th, 2009

Before journeying to the COP15, the Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research prepared a banner, emphasising the need for cooperation, connection and contribution on agrobiodiversity knowledge, to be displayed in Copenhagen (Hall H, H30B in the Bella Center).

The livelihoods and survival strategies of indigenous peoples and rural communities throughout the world depend on the maintenance and use of a wide diversity of crops and livestock, and on access to natural resources in the wild. This agrobiodiversity includes all the diversity of animals, plants and micro-organisms, at the genetic, species and ecosystem levels, which sustain the functions, structure and processes of the agro-ecosystem and is managed by the farmers and communities that have helped create and continue to use it. Biodiversity helps maintain production and productivity, provides improved stability, enhances resilience and reduces vulnerability.

The banner also underlines the importance of facilitating partnerships between people of all backgrounds in order to build a more powerful agrobiodiversity knolwedge base. Agrobiodiversity can play a major role in addressing global challenges especially that of climate change.