Tibetan Alpine Ethnobotany and Climate Change

November 17th, 2008

Old Tibetian with grandson (by: Jan Salick/Missouri Botanical Garden)

One of the most interesting and exciting stories we know about is the Tibetan community who perceive, adapt by becoming wine producers and mitigate the effects of climate change by practicing traditional conservation methods and managing land so to enhance organic matter in the soil.

  • The mountains are not as beautiful any more, and they do not protect people as they used to
    (man, 29 years)
  • I am worried that the earth will be destroyed if the snow disappears completely
    (woman, 85 years)
  • If the snow disappears, people will disappear from the earth
    (man, 57 years)

The above text appeared in the announcement of our web-discussion. By mistake the author, contacts and further resources were not mentioned. We apologize for this!

Please download a presentation on the project (4.1 MB).

The document Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change (Jan Salick and Anja Byg. University of Oxford and. Missouri Botanical Garden. May 2007 – 1.6 MB) does not exclusively deal with the Tibetan community project but gives a very good overview on how idigenous people in different climate zone are effected by and deal with the problem.