Agrobiodiversity, Land and People

Agrobiodiversity, Land and People, funded by the Christensen Fund is an initiative to tackle some of the knowledge and information gaps surrounding the land sparing vs land sharing debate. PAR is undertaking an analysis of relevant information and experiences, and exploring the issues raised by this debate from the perspective of indigenous and rural communities.
With partners from around the world, PAR will undertake a study of the effects of decisions on land use systems on agrobiodiversity in diverse landscapes, from tropical forests to dryland grasslands. The aim of the study is to develop of a conceptual framework that supports the analysis of the consequences of land sparing or sharing decisions on agrobiodiversity and on the ecosystem services it provides. The results will contribute to our understanding of the processes of innovation and evolution in bio-cultural landscapes and territories managed by local and indigenous communities.
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Project News

PAR workshop- data analysis for assessing the effects of land use change on agrobiodiversity

Assessing the Effects of Land Use Change on Agrobiodiversity

Exploring the Perspectives of Indigenous Peoples and Rural Communities in the Debate on ‘Land Sparing vs Land Sharing’

Agrobiodiversity, Land and People – A New Initiative by PAR

Project Publications

Agrobiodiversity Considerations in land-use decisions

A new paper by Dunja Mijatovic and Toby Hodgkin that discusses the issues surrounding agrobiodiversity and land-use in relation to recent debates in land sparing and land sharing. Read more >



Cover: Landscapes for agrobiodiversity

Landscapes for Agrobiodiversity – Agrobiodiversity perspectives in land-use decisions

In this booklet, we present the results of an interdisciplinary research project in eight biocultural landscapes.
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‘Land sparing’ and ‘land sharing’: perspectives of indigenous peoples and rural communities

PAR publication about the land sparing vs land sharing debate
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Posters: Agrobiodiversity perspectives in land-use decisions

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